Thought is Power

Thought is the most powerful tool that each of us possesses, though its constructive power is untapped by most people.  Our thoughts shape how we feel, how much energy we have, what comes our way, and even how we look!  (Try taking two selfies with neutral expressions: one when you’re thinking about your worst problem, and another when you’re thinking about yourself immersed in something you love.) 

Once, on an 8-hour flight to Japan when I felt a bladder infection coming on, and in order to ward it off, I had the inspiration to think of all of the things that I liked and all of the thoughts that made me happy.  I started with the thought of the cinnamon toast that my mom made for me as a little girl, then the smell of my dog’s fur, then my mom making chocolate milkshakes for us in the blender when I was so small that the kitchen counter was way taller than I was.  Then I thought of things like how good it feels to stretch my feet, how good it feels to have sore muscles after playing hard, how good it feels to have my feet in warm sand, then the smell of a sweet, spicy rose, and on and on for 8 hours.

Interestingly, 4 days later, I had an instantaneous awakening.

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