But I Don’t Have Enough Time for Another Activity!

Incorporating a new element into your life can be a great opportunity to 1) embrace something new and potentially enriching, 2) look at what in your life doesn’t align with your ever-evolving goals and desires, and 3) cull that which is no longer needed or helpful.  This third item, this culling, is by no means a trivial matter.  We sometimes hold on—tightly—to what no longer serves us because of our beliefs (see “On Beliefs”).

Whether it’s eating sweets, junk food, caffeine, smoking, TV-watching, alcohol/drugs, social media, or something else, don’t be hard on yourself; don’t try to punish yourself out of a lifestyle habit that you want to change.  See it as something that you brought on board at some time in the past to make yourself feel better, to soothe whatever pain you were feeling.  That’s all it is.  Once you address the underlying thoughts, the habit will fall away, don’t worry.  It’s okay.

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