This is Anne

Anne is the owner and founder of Welcoming Balance. She is a student of qigong whose life interest is to become increasingly aware of the energy within us, around us, and between us. She is in her 5th year of study at the Ling Gui International Healing Qigong School, located in Portland, Oregon. She has spent over 1,500 hours practicing various Ling Gui qigong forms and routines, and she is certified to teach five of the Ling Gui forms. 

In her teaching, Anne weaves together qigong forms with self-care lifestyle information based on traditional Chinese/Taoist medicine. She also shares techniques that have worked for her in balancing her own daily life.

In 2009, Anne instantaneously transcended duality while staying in a Buddhist temple in Japan. In this video, she describes that experience, as well as her somewhat humorous experience of trying to return to that state, and how all that led her to qigong.


Anne has been certified by the Ling Gui International Healing Qigong School to teach the following qigong forms:

  • Magic Square Abdominal Qigong
  • Celestial Pillar Qigong
  • Second Spring Qigong
  • Dai Mai Qigong
  • Zi Wu Qigong I

“A qigong form done at the right moment can feel as good to your body

as the best meal that you have ever eaten.”

– Anne

Photo Credits: (top) Ryan Johnson; (bottom left to right) Anne Geib, Matthias Miller, Anne Geib.