Are you suffering?

Suffering can be subtle.

  • Are you very sensitive to the world around you and looking for a calming practice?
  • Do you feel tired, stiff and achy, and feel helpless as your body ages?
  • Are you looking for relief from anxiety and tension?
  • Do you feel so low sometimes that you just don’t know what to do?

Daily Qigong and a supportive lifestyle are foundational tools that can change your life.

So, have a look around—there are online classes coming soon, blog posts, a video from me (scroll down) and even some recommended reading. I hope you’ll visit again soon!

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What People Are Saying

Anne – This has been simply wonderful. Truly—speaking from the twin perspectives of having taught Qigong for 20+ years and having been a Qigong student for longer than that—you are a natural! Your teaching is both inspired and inspiring. It is a joy to sense the Qi flowing effortlessly through you to us. After an hour, we ourselves are filled with Qi from practicing the Qigong you are teaching us. You are an excellent Qigong teacher! I am delighted to have discovered you, and will happily recommend that students take classes from you.”

–Phyllis L. (March 25, 2021)

This is my introduction to QiGong and I am not disappointed! My first class was relaxing and calming, yet invigorating. Anne is a wonderful teacher and I am looking forward to continuing with her. 

–Mary L. (April 26, 2021)

Anne, Owner and Certified Teacher

Short Articles

How Do You Nourish Yourself?  What Do You Consume?

How Do You Nourish Yourself? What Do You Consume?

A few years ago, I realized that I was consuming more than food: TV, internet news, billboards, video ads, webpage ads—it was all being absorbed by me and having an effect on me. You know what I did? I made it a point to stop looking at all of that stuff: When driving, I’d put…

Food In the Yard

Food In the Yard

Over the years I’ve become familiar with plants that are edible, medicinal, useful, or just plain interesting to me. Part of the fun of moving to a new place is discovering what familiar plants grow in the area. I do this by observing plants through a cycle of their growing season. As an example, I recently…

What Killed Socrates? The Plant in the Alley!

What Killed Socrates? The Plant in the Alley!

Years ago I took a wild plants course and was taught that poison hemlock grew nearby. It looks very similar to some other plants that grew nearby, such as Queen Anne’s lace, osha, water hemlock, angelica and cow parsnip. After careful identification of all these plants using multiple plant guides (including a regional plant guide…

Mulberry Tree (and Idea for a Class Project)

Mulberry Tree (and Idea for a Class Project)

A sidewalk that looks like this means that you’re probably standing under a mulberry tree! (botanical name is Morus sp.) These telltale sidewalk stains caught my eye yesterday as I zoomed past on my bike, and I went back today to confirm (and eat). 😉  Twice so far this month, I’ve come upon delicious ripe…

Thought is Power

Thought is Power

Thought is the most powerful tool that each of us possesses, though its constructive power is untapped by most people.  Our thoughts shape how we feel, how much energy we have, what comes our way, and even how we look!  (Try taking two selfies with neutral expressions: one when you’re thinking about your worst problem,…

On Awakening – When the Veil is Lifted

On Awakening – When the Veil is Lifted

In 2009, I experienced an instantaneous awakening.  Here is a little more about my experience:  When it happened, I was sitting in an orange Naugahyde chair in a Japanese temple lodging facility on a cold winter night.  I had just had a bath and was sitting there, not doing anything in particular when, from one…

What is Qigong?

Qigong (pronounced “chee-gung”) is the ancient discipline of accumulating and moving the body’s vital energy, or Qi.  Qigong often takes the form of gentle meditative exercises that are performed while standing.  Adopting a qigong lifestyle is a great way to manage your life if you want to experience a deep satisfaction from living.